A Collection of My Thoughts by Daniel Meza

Opportunities abound, in spaces all around

Yet we’re not astounded

The clock begins countin’ down

The moment you make a sound-

Out the womb and sometime soon, very soon

there’ll be no more you, no more me

Decomposing composer of what?

How am I to be remembered?

A martyr, ideologically dismembered

An evolution in my mind

but outside living the dream-

and what the hell is a dream?

the nonsensical sleeping thoughts of a being,

never made sense I was a kid

and if everybody studied a dictionary

the collection of agreed vocabulary

we’d be on the same page – equally

colorblind in a classless society

no more fighting, no more rioting.

Death and taxes are comin’,

can’t live your life runnin’

the beauty of the world is stunnin’

but many live their life bummin’

their ambitions, they traded ‘em in for a job

but me, I’m anti-establishment

and a non-conformist

and any other label I can claim to enhance performance

it may all seem contradictory

but many things in life have left me

puzzled and even

ruminating throughout high school

the teaches attitudes seemed to

promote dropout.

The population, acting superficial,

but stockholm syndrome is not beneficial

the future is in our hands now, the youth

and we’ll disobey

The top and bottom is in disarray

and a complacent middle class is most dangerous

its all part of the daily strive, not for paper

but to be that kids savior,

an inspiration, don’t sell your soul

be your own self

society has me feelin tied in,

but I’ll bite the hand, bite the noose

the cages are full but

the animals are running loose

and as the state steals and kills,

and our patriots conceal and repress

the human rights violation known as poverty becomes more prevalent

thousands of food insecure in my very city!

The auctions of freedom continue,

they say there is equal opportunity

comrade, know your enemy.

Hypocrisy is the greatest enemy to all worth investment

but when you’re trapped are you really or is it your mind

lacking liberation/emancipation

Is there anyone worth dying for?

Love is just a chemical by any other name

Thats the eyedea…

life isn’t not a race, so come of it

with your racks on racks

and your “get money” maxim

its a pop culture welfare

we all need something to fill the void, but that ain’t the answer

to hell with Wall Street, picket it

occupy your mind with our need

I’m just an inhabitant

a citizen of the world

I give my mental phlegm up as a philosophy

and many are happy with the colonoscopy

called media, a pocket full of shells

and houses on the sand, they fill up the shelves

and the profit, under their belts.

I just wanna know what part of Mesoamerica my ancestors came from

they want me to work hard and pay taxes to someone

and while I love the U.S.,

its better, but not best

many settle, but me?

I’ll settle for nothing less.

To hell with a reprimand and with a harangue

my demands: our freedom or your life.

What am I worth – $7.25

here on this earth,

with a shotgun to my face, and the “less fortunate”

robbin the place, just to buy some chronic.

Steppin the stones of the pyramid,

self-actualization is my upper-class

My future degree is aimed at pabulum

It’ll begin with some decent curriculum

Daniel Meza is a 2015 Stayton scholarship recipient. He is Houston born and raised, first gen. College student and of Central American descent. His intended major is English.

A Collection of My Thoughts by Daniel Meza

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