Beauty by Jennifer Vicuna

The bright sun seemingly confident

looking over the horizon

mesmerized by his own reflection

arrogant with misperception

and a few trees aging gracefully

while he stares at them disdainfully

the trees full of wisdom and beauty

yet the sun filled with darkness and insecurity

the trees divided by their ages

the younger ones, not so wise

shallow like the waters of the ocean

ignore their beauty, as they disguise

their leaves are the only appeal

mighty and surreal

as the sun changes phases

branches surround with empty spaces

the tree is left with nothing, her beauty erases

the rebirth, vanished beauty has left no traces

leaving only wisdom, which she now embraces

Jennifer Vicuna is a student at Lone Star College North Harris and a regular contributor to Campus Words. She is twenty eight years old, and decided to go back to school about two years ago. She plans to transfer to the University of Houston to major in English Literature. Her goal is become an English Literature professor. In her extra time, she enjoys watching historical documentaries on the History Channel, and animal documentaries on National Geographic.

Beauty by Jennifer Vicuna

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