Being Mexican in America by Said Martinez

Every time I think of my future, my past has something to say.

“You have no rights! You’re not from here!” it exclaims, but what am I supposed to do?

When all I’ve been thought since the year of five is to Pledge my Allegiance to America.

America founded by immigrants, and now ruled by hypocrites.

Everyone has equal rights, unless you are an immigrant. Follow your dreams is what I was thought.

This was the best country once. Ruled by democracy at a time, and now it’s all a bunch of lies. I lie under society. When I want to help my country, not Mexico, but America, I am turned down, timidly they say, “sorry only citizens allowed.”

That sounds familiar, something I was thought in an American school “no segregation allowed,” everyone argued when there were signs saying Only Whites Allowed.

I have followed what I’ve been thought about everyone should have equal rights, but unless you are considered an “alien” you won’t know what it feels to be put to feel as if you’re not human.

I feel American but I’m not considered one, I’m Mexican but I don’t feel like one. I’m rejected here, and I wouldn’t be accepted over there. It’s a mess not being accepted here nor there.

Even though I’ve lived here my whole life I can’t be American since I didn’t have the lucky chance to be born here.

That’s one lottery I aspire to win one day.

Winning my citizenship.

Said Martinez is a student at Lone Star College North Harris and a budding poet.

Being Mexican in America by Said Martinez

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