The First Issue of the Cat 5 Review

Kiet2-Hidden Feathers(Image: Hidden Feathers by Kiet H. Chau)

The Cat 5 Review is a publication of literature and the arts composed by students at Lone Star College–North Harris.

Volume 1, Issue 1
Spring 2015

Gemini Wahhaj, Ph.D., Executive Editor



Daniel Meza. A Collection of Thoughts.

Said Martinez. Being Mexican in America.

Jennifer Vicuna. Beauty.

Various contributors. The 17 Syllable American Sentence.

Melody Christensen. Fear Poem.

David Villareal. Empty Corners.

Latoya Samuel. Untitled.

Melissa Panayeta. On Being a Girl.

Chelsea Sherrard. I tasted yesterday.

Chelsea Sherrard. Poverty.

Steven Rydarowski. What My Mother Left Me.

Steven Rydarowski. Wind Chimes.

Steven Rydarowski. Object Impermanence.


Matthew Schumacher. Disconnect.

Adrienne Stephens. Nothing Unusual.


Susy McAllister. Redemption.

Debra Williams. God’s Blessings.

Henning Futrell. The World Needs Ditch Diggers.

Lena Al Abbasi. Like a home.

C.C. The Fish Place.

Ashton Houston. Army Life.

Quana Minor. Zion the Great/ Power to the People.

Myriah Thomas My Community: The Vanderbilt.

Glen Guilbeau. Growing Up.

Seth Batiste. The Longest Minute.


Submissions by Kiet H. Chau.


Danel Olson. The Scottish Life: A Photographic Essay.


Matthew Schumacher. Rabindranath Tagore: An Unlikely Feminist.

Jose Reyes. Forced to Live in Greenspoint.

Nhi Do. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight V. Doctor Faustus: Honor.


The Cat 5 Review is published twice a year. The editors seek creative and academic submissions from students at Lone Star College–North Harris. The journal accepts visual art, poetry, creative non-fiction, and creative academic submissions. Email submissions as attachments to

The First Issue of the Cat 5 Review

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