Oh No! by Adekomaya Ayooluwa

My day was planned perfectly as usual,

Nothing left undone.

Driving on the beautiful road that lead from my city to the Dallas.

It was long, perfectly tarred, and it stretched with few cures.

Oh no, I said with excitement.

I felt like I was on the air plane at some point,

All because my tires were new, and my car was new.

I turned my car stereo to the maximum, and my reasoning was at the minimum.

Oh no! I said with excitement, enjoying every bit of my trip.

Then all of sudden I heard the familiar sound,

Coupled with the usual multiple beautiful light that reminds you of Christmas.

The only difference was that the bright light will made me sad.

It was nothing like Christmas, it was nothing to be happy about.

Oh no! I exclaimed,

I have just been pulled over by the police.

My citation was huge, and oh no I cried out loud.

Then I realize I have been travelling a 100 miles per hour on a 75 miles per hour road.

Couple of days after,

I was set for an examination I have been warned could never be retaken if missed.

I did everything right to prepare.

I took a pair of every material needed.

It was a 97 degrees sun in my city this faithful day,

I had left home early to arrive my venue early.

By the side of the road I sighted a lonely man,

Sweating and fighting to change his vehicle tire in the blazing sun.

He squinted as he sighted my passing vehicle, he could hardly raise his head.

Oh, no! As I smiled to myself and I promise to cry if I that ever happened to me.

I drove few miles and I was still in my thought.

Then I heard the loud noise from my rear side.

My eyes glowed, and my ears became long.

Oh, no! I screamed.

My rear tire just popped at the middle of the highway.

I screamed and kicked my car several times in rage,

Realizing what I would go through to fix the tire.

I hopped out to start changing my tires,

Then I realized I was missing the spanner.

Oh, no! I screamed again, realizing I exchanged car with my friend.

I learnt the hard way never that things happen anytime.

The last time my friend asked for a car change, I yelled Oh no! I can’t,

Remembering what I went through the previous time.

Oh No! by Adekomaya Ayooluwa

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