The Second Issue of the Cat 5 Review


(Image: Retina by April Galvan)

The Cat 5 Review is a publication of literature and the arts composed by students at Lone Star College–North Harris.

Volume 2, Issue 1
Fall 2015

Gemini Wahhaj, Executive Editor

Gary Conners, Art Editor
Steve Rydarowski, Poetry Editor
Norma Drepaul, Editor
Mark Barnes, Editor
D.W. Puller, Editor

The Kind of Woman by Alyssa Lynn
Slowly Stumble by Alyssa Lynn
Days of Candy by Melissa Panayeta
Oh No! by Adekomaya Ayooluwa
The Devils by Hamza Syed
A New Hope by Keith Koppert

The Bored Employee by Darien West
The Man in Me by David Villarreal

Coming from Where I Am from by Jerry Gray
I’m Not Like a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom by Alexandra Wood
Picture Perfect by Alma Barron
Life after Cartels by Arely Lopez
[Deleted by the editor upon request of the author, 4/15/16]
A Wonderful Blessing by Muhammad Bilal
School Was My Happy Place by Braulio Reyes
Cottonport Bayou by Grace Richardson
Acres Homes: Rich in Love by Jerica Smith
The Jolliest Person by Lunden Boone
FOR COLORED ONLY by Mary Penrice
Colorless by Preston Green
The Heights by Thania Rodriguez
The Hale Moku by Viviana Tamayo

Submissions by April Galvan
Submissions by Braulio Reyes

The Second Issue of the Cat 5 Review

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