Alive by David Villarreal

I want to know every detail,

Every smile, every tear.

I want to see the trees grow

And I want to hear my old baby pup’s final bark.

I live to work and receive my first paycheck,

I live to spend every cent.

Let life scar my skin

And make me remember where those scars came from.

I am happy for every picture I put on my walls,

And I will let them yellow when the time is right.

I want to love passionately those who love me.

Make them happy,

To let them know how happy they make me,

And I will love those who use me

And make fun of me

And step on me

And break me

Because that’s my undeniable humanity,

The same impotence I hate to love.

If I could, I’d keep count of the kisses I’ve given

So I would know how many times I’ve felt that magical sensation.

I’d like to record it in my head.

It would be nice to suffer

And cry every last tear in me,

So I would live in drought,

For I am too sensitive for the world around.

I pray for my mother and my father,

For my brothers and my friends,

For everyone I know,

And lastly for myself

Because I’m sure I’ll be ok,

I’m sure I’ll get through life just fine.

I want to feel it all, do it all.

This life will someday be just

Another story,

And I can always way another day to see

The end.

Alive by David Villarreal

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