Montrose Night Life by David Williams


Montrose Night Life is an exclusive LGBT organization that accepts individuals for who they are.  I joined this organization around February, 2012.  One day I was feeling sad.  I was trying to find myself, tired of being judged, of being “in the closet.” So I went to a gay parade with my favorite cousin of all time, Sandra Randal.  It was this booth that stated “Montrose Night Life.”  I walked over and talked to the head of the group Alexyeus Paris.  Alexyeus Paris is this drag guy who transforms into a beautiful woman. We had this small conversation, and before I knew anything, I was signing up for this organization.


All I had to do was provide positive influences for younger people, who may need a little extra attention, or who didn’t have that support system available for them.  I actually felt alive, wanted. I felt that I belonged.  So after joining this group, I found out all the requirements of being a peer mentor.  The young, old, and in between would come to our meetings at designated locations.  I would actually give them advice on what it took to help them come out the “closet.”  Meaning if he/she is “in the closet” we assist those individuals in understanding and developing into who they are without judgement.  This organization also assists in peer groups as well as traveling to different cities such Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.


Once in Dallas, we had an event of more than 700 individuals. They signed up for more information and took our homemade goody bags which consisted of colored condoms, flavored lube, rainbow wrist bands, exotic penis, vaginal blow pops, and flyers motivating individuals to know their status.  Although my community believes in helping others, gay or straight, there’s also a lot, and I mean a lot, of fun involved, from going to different clubs, dressing up in drag, and doing exotic shows.  Montrose Night Life Community is the new in.


Just to name a few Montrose Night Life Community favorite clubs to go is Club 20/20 and Bayou city.  These clubs are mainly populated with LBGT’s, but occasionally you would find straight men are women there to have fun.   The crowd is usually laid back. The drinks are awesome, especially the price, which ranges from dollar wells to one dollar and fifty cents, you call it.  I usually work the crowd on a Wednesday or Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Walking around in some super tight boy shorts, body all nice in shiny in baby oil, carrying all different types of shots from vodka to tequila.  The music consists of techno, rave, bounce, karaoke, rap, dance, hip hop, and vogue.  My bestie, whom we call Lickety Split, loves the attention every time a song come on, it happens to be her favorite.  She tends to get buck wild and head to the center of the dance floor and do these crazy exotic dancing you would declare that she’s a stripper.  In these clubs you are able to meet and mingle without the violence, such as fighting, shooting, or stabbing.  Everyone is standing around, or dancing to their favorite song trying to be all cute and impressive.  We host these clubs to entice individuals, and show them that living a different lifestyle isn’t so bad


There are other events that we host as well, which includes dressing up in drag. I myself haven’t dressed up nor had the desire, but if I were I would be a bad bitch (excuse my French).  Ordinary males that would look like Justin Bieber could transform their look and you probably would think that he looks like Britney Spears.  The transformation starts with big fake boobs that would make the straightest of the straight males drool, lots of tape for tucking private parts, you know what I mean.  You don’t want any unwanted hard-on.  Then a very nice expensive outfit is squeezed on.  The outfit is usually hand- crafted, very stylish, superficial.  Then the makeup is the next step which takes a lot of time.  Then top of the line lipstick is painted on, along with base, eye shadow, fake long lashes, mascara, and exotic contact lenses which includes all sort of colors.  To finish this drag look, my friends usually have an expensive wig, which can be curly, straight, long, or dramatically tall.  The end results is a beautiful he/she.


My members usually prance around the clubs, scenes, or groups in sheer confidence not caring what others think, and that is one of the statements my community is conducting or engaging.  I once did a survey with a drag, before actually joining the Montrose Night life, I thought it was weird as cool at the same time.  To talk to a dude that had on so much make-up was baffling. I didn’t know what to say.  What to think.  I was lost for words.  To see the super glossy lips that seemed to shine for days.  The tall hair that blocked the raving sunlight out of my eyes.  I really was astonished I couldn’t believe that I was up close and in the intimate space of an actual drag queen. The first question I asked was, how did you become so beautiful?  She replied make-up do wonders Sug.  Of course I laughed it off, but was still trying to figure out what was going on still lost in translation.  The next thing I wanted to know was, where did you get the confidence to be this bold?  The answer of-course was, as long as I been in the game Sug, it comes naturally.  As you can tell I learned a lot that day, maybe more than needed.


Finally, I came to the understanding of the exotic shows and the benefits.  My oldest brother, Willie spoke everything good about the shows.  He stated that the shows can be quite provocative. The males would dress up like Celine Dion or other famous celebrities and prance around a stage of excited individuals as they lip sync for huge trophic, cash prizes ranging from 300 up to 5000 bucks.  I was like, really? 5000 bucks? Where do I sign up? No, but the thought did cross my mind.  One day I did go to one of the shows and was blown away.  I was on the first row, as the lights dimmed my lips hit the floor a dude came out in sexy women apparel it was a string bikini and some six inch stiletto heels couldn’t believe my eyes. I was like, oh my God, I didn’t know what to say, how to look, I just stared in awe like this is the new in.


Next, another male came out in what looked like a Versace dress. It was drenched in sequins and lace, with a tail that was as long as the ordinary wedding dress. The dress was so glamorous my eyes batted as I didn’t want to miss a minute of the action.  After the show I asked the winner, whose stage name is Star, how did she feel proclaiming the stage the way she did. She laughed in excitement: Sug, when you win all the time it comes, it comes naturally you don’t have to feel as Star tried to explain.  After interviewing Ms. Star I wanted to be a winner, to feel the way she did, not just in that manner which is doing shows but the feeling of excitement of the exotic shows.

Being in Montrose Night Life has opened up my mind and made me come to the understanding that I can be who I was born to be, without the negative judgement that we as individuals go through daily in a very judgmental society.  I have been able to talk to individuals who have been able to come out, overcoming the shadows that have plagued our society into being who they think they should be. These peer groups have also helped other individuals to actually find themselves and gain acceptance and over power all negativity that shadows the LGBT community.  I’m actually glad that I joined this community.  I would recommend any person who is going through a struggle in their live to outsource, and open up their minds to not let what other say nor think dictate their lives and our mission here at Montrose Night Life is exactly that.  We have been able to assist over 7000 hurting individuals to come under the knowledge and understanding that they do belong, they can come “out of the closet.”  Overall, I loved participating in the meetings, and seeing someone’s life change by the uplifting things we say to them just to see our client enlightening faces as they leave our presences, can be overwhelming.  Next time you know or meet someone that needs that extra encouragement sent them my way. I will be glad to help.

Montrose Night Life by David Williams

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