Transparent by Darnel Hutchinson

My community consists of many creative individuals who view clothing as not just cloth, but as tools to express themselves to the world around them. People use their clothing as a form of art, creating small collections or collaborating with larger, more well-known designers to show their work. If you were to peer at my community you would see a limitless amount of influence in people’s work. There is never an in-group or an out-group; expression is only limited to the influence of the individual. We all work together as a family. It is a large family and it helps you grow as an individual emotionally and creatively.
Freddy is a great friend of mine whom I have known for four plus years. He is a part of my inspiration when I create any pieces. Before I go and buy fabric to make a piece I will show Freddy my designs, and then ask what tones should I go with. I interviewed Freddys asking him questions about things that shaped him as a creative person.


Freddy Tuesday, August 30, 16

Me: Where are you from?

Freddy: “Veracruz, Mexico. I am from a smaller section outside the city”

Me: “What got you into fashion what-what is something that got you into fashion?”

Freddy: “I was always into creative workings, but what got me into fashion was seeing that I could stand out of a crowd by just expressing myself. It blew my mind to see that people treat me differently when I am dressed a certain way it sounds like a no brainer, but it wasn’t something that I had realized ever.”

Me: “Is there any past time where people made fun at you for being different and how did it affect you?”

Freddy: “Yes, you know, it’s sad that people can’t be themselves or express themselves in any shape or form its [messed up]. But that how things always well be most of it was in high school I was made fun of because I didn’t always have the newest Jordans or the most expensive outfits. You are nearly shunned for not being their idea image of dress which could hurt some. But I feel like this gave me the tools to not care what others think. It is something that is life changing. Because it gave me the thicker skin I have today so I can’t hate it, but I have to embrace it in all honesty.”

Me: And you’re correct. I completely and understand how you feel about these situations because I am no stranger to the issues. I have been made fun of myself on several occasions because being felt strange about what I had on.

Freddy: I thinks it’s honestly insecurity.

We travel together to network with other people to build contacts, and also to work with them in the future. It is always a vacation for our minds because we get to visit many new locations with a clean slate, and this gives us the ability to absorb what we see and learn from the area. Two years ago, Dwain and I visited traveled to view a Kaws Gallery in the beautiful city of New York. We then traveled to Chicago to view an exclusive look at a new collection that was being released by the brand “Fear of God”. A brand that Dwain had been trying to get a hold of for some time now in the last collection it was just tees, but in this collection it consisted of Trousers, Denim, Hoodies, and even sneakers.  It was the second collection in the viewing. In New York we visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to view the iconic pieces from Kaws. Leaving New York we went to Chicago to view the release of the collection from Fear of God. The presentations of the gallery were fascinating and very well done; it was simplistic yet it wasn’t under done. We drew inspirations to share with our community, and out of complete luck we were both able to purchase some pieces from the new collection to bring back and add to our personal collections. Dwain was able to purchase two pairs of denim, and a t-shirt, and I was able to purchase three t-shirts, a pair of denims, and a hoodie. I interviewed Dwain asked specifics such as his inspirations when it comes to being a creative and how he deals with the all the information that he gains.


Dwain Tuesday, August 30, 16

Me: “So Dwain? So where is the main location for the information that you get? Is it personal or is it from the web?”

Dwain: “Well, I mean what doesn’t come from the web in this time of age? But yes, I do gain most of my information from social media because it all around us so it’s fairly easy to gain ideas from what we see for example Youtube.”

Me: “So who’s you’re biggest inspirations? And why?”

Dwain: “I would have to say Rick Owens because he just is strange but his work has so much detail it’s unmeasurable. I enjoy collecting his pieces because they are one of a kind”

From an extremely young age I always love art as a child I would paint, and draw just expressing myself. But my mother was the first to see that I would never let her pick out my outfits not even a shirt. I would pick out my own outfits as well as iron out every wrinkle in my clothes to make sure it was perfect. My mother is one of the biggest influences in my clothing. She always loved to dress my from a young age appropriately in good brands. By good brands I don’t mean just expensive retail price clothing but nice brands with good quality items. She would give the necessities to understand how to match colors and what goes together. For example, she always told me, go with things that compliment you, never wear something that takes away from you.

I typically work with my friends Dom and Bryan as their personal photographer for their clothing line they started in 2012. We meet up and sit down for hours at the drawing board coming up with ideas.  Then we go to multiple locations to take photos. These can take up to six or more hours depending on what we are going for on the day. After we shoot we go back, sit down, and go through thousands of photos.


Me: Who do you see as inspiration while you work on your brand photos?

Dom: Well, to be honest, I would have to say many European artists like well Skepta who is a well-known UK artist, Ian Connor is an inspiration in a smaller sense. I mean I see him less as an inspiration because I know him personally.

Me: Why did you choose these people as inspirations?

Dom: Well I grew up in Paris, so I would have to say that I soaked up a lot of Euro views on art, fashion, and music. Which are the major influences in my life without a doubt, so that’s why I choose them. Well, them almost choosing me you know in a strange way.

Me: Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. How was it growing up in Paris?

Dom: Well I can start off by saying it’s crazy different from growing up in America, that’s for sure?

Me: What makes you say that other than the location difference?

Dom: That’s exactly why it’s so different the location Because of the people you know. Even though it’s influenced by a lot of western cultures the people still are different. It’s like from the way they dress to the way they interact with other people it’s really lit to see it actually pop up here and there. Like when you are actually seeing it happen its low key kinda fun.

Me: I can see where you’re coming from ‘cause I’m not, you know, American. So with me traveling back and forth as well I see the difference in the people. So yeah, it is so low key that a lot of people won’t even really see it.

In this community influence is what creates the person, not to say that people don’t have a mind of their own. People are the direct reflection of their surroundings and whatever that person has encountered whether the situation was negative or positive has an influence on his fashion.

Transparent by Darnel Hutchinson

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