Water by James Davilla

Water, the most important component of life. It helps bring life in calm and keep it, but it can also destroy it. In a time of crisis, a young boy by the name of Zack became an orphan child when his parents died. Zack found it funny how water plays several roles in life. From just taking showers or baths, flushing the toilet or sweating. But in his world, it was only rain and tears. He knows that water brings live, but cannot bring lives after death. He misses his parents so much, he finds his new life full of strangers and people who are without happiness and joy. Something that he feels that has been taken away by water.

It was like yesterday for Zack, the day that the element, water, changed his life. When he was just six, Zack’s family was warned that a flood was going to hit his homeland. The family and a bunch of citizens were all being boarded on an escape boat, struggling to carry out many people as possible. By the time Zack’s family were onboard, a huge wave covered the boat that Zack was in and the boat sank to bottom of the ocean. By that time, Zack could only see and feel water all around him without a sense of air. While Zack struggled, the water wave was so strong it was pushing Zack away from his parents, making him see his parents being drowned as they were leaving his life to the deep ocean. Eventually, Zack was in a life boat of rescuers that were saving anyone they saw alive. After several hours, the life boat was full of survivors that manage to survive the tidal wave. Zack searched around the survivors in hopes to find his parents by chance if they survived. Searching around he could only find people he knew from the previous boat he got on. Later on, he realized that there was no chance his parents were still alive; neither his mother nor father could swim. Knowing this, made Zack stood still and wept while everyone in the background were yelling and crying out loud. In Zack’s consciousness, his mind was in an empty silence, avoiding all the sound around him, not able to move himself, but to think of many things that was going to happen to him since his parents were dead. It was raining hard. Every drop of water that fell on Zack’s body soaked his dress, but Zack still didn’t move, like he was made of stone, waiting for someone to push or make him move.

Zack cannot have a day without water in his mind, in spite of any sunny days. Whenever Zack sees water, it makes him a bit anxious because he once felt it all around his body on the tragic day his parents died. Zack finds water either a key to his dismay or his cold cushion to his very losses. Either way, nothing will ever heal Zack’s sickened heart of the losses of the only two people whom he loved. It is hard for Zack to see positively in his new life in a church house, waiting to see if anyone will take him as their new family member. And even if he gets a new family, his depression will always be in his heart.

Once a week, Zack visits an old bridge made of stone that helps people cross a river that is deep, where it is usually misty after a long or short rain. The bridge helps Zack to be away from the foster home to have personal time for himself without interference, but it also haunts his time. The sound of the river moving always reminds Zack of the flood that destroyed his home. Zack does not usually listen to the river because his main purpose is to have some quality time to think about many things in his mind, as well as his future. Zack is scared, he doesn’t know what to do now that he is alone in the world with no support from anyone he is familiar with. Zack also wonders on why he is alive, why was he not dead with the only people who love him. He often wish that someone or anything can just kill him to be with his parents, but he is also scared to die. He images the river as a gateway to end his life and escape the awful feeling of isolation. He knows better than to end his live, but solitude will have to be part of his childhood until he finds happiness, if he finds it. Knowing the matter of life and death, he finds it unfair that once dead, by accident, there is no return. Zack couldn’t help to weep on the matter. His heart is heavy, like a heavy cloud in the sky that is best to be relieved by letting out all the sorrow water drops.  After an hour of quality time, Zack heads back to the church in time for an afternoon snack. Hopefully, he will not be caught by one of the nuns.

After lunch, Zack is still trying to get used to his new life in the church house. Without a doubt, Zack knows he was not the only child who lost their parent or guardian by flood because so many children are now living in the same church where Zack is. It was such a cruel time that has happened to too many people who lost their lives, homes, and families all in one big tide across their homeland. Their homeland is full of rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams of the flood; they all have different names, but they all contain water. Zack tries to see a bright future for him and others like him, but he can’t. The disaster has left nothing behind. But Zack doesn’t give up hope. As the water kills plants, it can also grow new life of plants, the same for his kin people of his homeland. He believes that his homeland will repopulate in time to rebuild, a new home, with or without him.

Water by James Davilla

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