The Fourth Issue of the Cat 5 Review


(Photo by Youssef Martinez)

The Cat 5 Review is a publication of literature and the arts composed by students at Lone Star College–North Harris.

Volume 3, Issue 1
Fall 2016

Gemini Wahhaj, Executive Editor

Gary Connors, Art Editor
Steve Rydarowski, Poetry Editor
Norma Drepaul, Editor
Mark Barnes, Editor
D.W. Puller, Editor

“Winter” by Youssef Martinez

“The Fall of Rosebud, Texas” by Emerye Jackson
“Cuba” by Aryanna Martinez
“Our Power” by Evelin Arrendondo
“My Brother and I” by Charles D. Biggurs II
“Being Different” by Margaret Buhrer
“My Job” by Eric Dimas
“Escape to Shamrocks” by Alyssa Orozco

“Taco Trucks of Houston: Taking a Bite out of Social Justice” by Youssef Martinez
“Not a Lost People: The Indigenous People of Mexico” by Evelin Arrendondo
“The Fishermen of Bonacca” by Doris Dugall

“The Ndamukong’s Family Mungaka Language Practices” by Fritz Doh Ndamukong
“America’s Sweetheart” by Leticia Vasquez

The Fourth Issue of the Cat 5 Review

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